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Aboriginal Community Funeral Plan
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Planning ahead with the Aboriginal Community Funeral Plan

When a member of your family passes away it is difficult to meet funeral costs.
The Aboriginal Community Funeral Plan can help you with the payment of these costs.

ACBF and related companies have been helping with funeral costs for over 13 years and have provided funeral Plans for many thousands of Aboriginal people Australia wide.

We all put money aside for things such as rent electricity and food. Few of us do this so we have enough money when someone we love passes away: a hard thing to think and talk about, however something that will affect us all.

Funeral costs have increased dramatically.

The average cost of funerals across Australia has increased from about $100 in the late 1950’s to about $6,500 in 2005. All too often people have been forced to pass this debt on to loved ones within their community.

Aboriginal Community Funeral Plan provides a range of affordable cover from $4,000 to $15,000 to meet funeral and funeral related expenses starting from as little as $6.00 per fortnight, depending on your age, health and the amount of funeral cover you select. Payments to us are made every two weeks by a method to best suit you.

Once your first payment is received, you and the members of your family who are under your plan are covered if there is an accident or illness that causes anyone or all of these people to pass away.

In the case of more than one person passing away, for example caused by a vehicle accident a pay out is available for each and every person covered by the plan.

The customer service team can arrange a home visit by a local consultant or you can choose to complete an application over the phone.


People who have recently experienced the death of a family member and who are facing hardship may be eligible to receive financial assistance to cover the cost of a basic funeral and other related expenses.
The Funeral Assistance Program, run by the Department for Families and Communities provides financial held to eligible applicants to cover the cost of funeral expenses including:

  • A weekday service at a church, chapel or gravesite
  • Funeral directors fees
  • Cemetery or crematorium fees
  • A basic coffin
  • Hearse transportation to the funeral
  • Religious Minister or Celebrant fee
  • Preparation of relevant legal transfer documents
  • Legal certificate fees (not death certificate)

It does not cover the costs of:

  • Flowers
  • Advertising
  • Weekend services
  • Memorial cards or books
  • Mourning cars or limousines

The Program covers the costs of funerals at Centennial Park cemetery, Enfield Memorial Park or Smithfield Memorial Park in metropolitan Adelaide. Consideration is also given to applications to cover the costs of transportation of a deceased Aboriginal person to their homelands, if this is culturally required.
If you have not already contracted a private funeral director –you may be eligible for FULL CONTRACT funeral assistance

If you have already contracted a private funeral director – you may be eligible for AFTER THE EVENT funeral assistance

To be eligible for financial assistance through this program you will need to provide evidence of the amount of income and assets and liabilities of the deceased and their immediate relatives. Support documents such as a pension card, Centrelink card, Department for Veterans’ Affairs card, and bank statements for all bank accounts will assist with your application being quickly assessed.

GPO Box 292 ADELAIDE SA 5001
PH: 1300 762 577
FAX: (08) 8226 7047
Or Contact your local Families SA Office.

Aboriginal Centre for Information & Arts Inc. (ACFIA)

"Travel Assistance to Nunga Funerals - Fund"

Guidelines for Applying:

1. The assistance is only for Aboriginal people
2. The assistance is is only for vehicle transport or petrol to and from funerals
3. In most cases it needs to be a close relative, but is still up ti the discretion of ACFIA
4. At least 2-3 days notice must be given
5. Assistance can only be provided up to $150.00 per Family per year
6. Payments are from $50.00 for fule up to $100.00 Bus transport/Fuel (to assist with a group)
7. Application request must be in writing or email or fax
8. The name of the Banking Institution, Account Name, BSB & Account Number must be supplied on application.
9.All information is kept confidential; accept for the Place, Deceased Name and type of assistance provided. This information is kept to show the need for this funds support.

email: acfia@iprimus.com.au