The Fines Payment Unit

The Fines Payment Unit (FPU) is a special purpose unit within the Magistrates Court of South Australia which handles all business relating to the collection and enforcement of fines. You can attend any Magistrates Court to arrange payment of Fines.

The FPU cannot accept payments for Expiation Notices that have not gone to Court.

I have been issued with an Expiation Notice (fine)

If you have been issued with an Expiation Notice (Fine) for traffic, parking, or other offences, you can pay it to the issuing authority by the due date.

However, if you cannot afford to pay your Expiation Notice in full by the expiry date, due to financial hardship, you can attend any Magistrates Court and apply for an "Application for Relief" to pay by installments.

You will need to bring the original Expiation Notice into the Court before the due date and show proof of ID and income and expenses, so a payment arrangement can be established.

What if I get a Court Fine

Anyone who is unable to pay their court fines in full within 28 days will need to attend the front counter of the Fines Payment Unit after court to sort out the best way to pay.

Or Contact the Easy Pay Fines Call Centre to make a payment arrangement over the phone.

Free Call 1800 659 538



BY CDEP - You can arrange with your pay officer to deduct fine payments from your wages

BY CENTRPAY - You can arrange for payments to be transferred directly from your Centrelink benefit. Attend your nearest Magistrates Court and just bring in your Centrelink reference number (CRN)

BY DIRECT DEBIT - Your payments are deducted directly from from you bank account. Attend your nearest Magistrates Court. You will need to provide your bank details, such as your BSB and account number to pay by this method.

AUSTRALIA POST - Make full or Part payments before the due date.

PAY BY PHONE - You can pay court fines by credit card over the phone to the Easy Pay Fines Call Centre. Free Call 1800 659 539

BPAY - Telephone & Internet Banking. Call your bank to make this payment from your savings, cheque or credit card.

BILL EXPRESS - You can pay fines where they offer this service, look for the sign in your local area.

BPOINT - Payments can be made at the Commonwealth Bank.

You will need to take in the notice with the barcode so that it can be scanned and the payment can be processed